Innovation in Identity. Salvadoran Automated Kiosk for DUI Applications.

A new automated kiosk for processing Unique Identity Document (DUI) applications has been launched through a collaboration between the National Registry of Natural Persons (RNPN) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The kiosk, situated at the Ministry’s Las Cascadas office in Antiguo Cuscatlán, is the sixth of 14 planned nationwide.

The user-friendly kiosk provides instructional videos and guides for applicants, who need to have paid the DUI fee and provided their signature and fingerprints beforehand.

Fernando Velasco, RNPN President, lauded the partnership, stating that it brings public services closer to citizens. Deputy Minister Cindy Mariella Portal emphasized the kiosk’s benefits for Salvadorans abroad, enabling them to apply for their DUI at diplomatic offices.

Current kiosk locations include public institutions and diplomatic offices in various U.S. cities, such as Los Angeles, Houston, and Silver Spring. This advancement not only streamlines the process but also demonstrates El Salvador’s commitment to accessible and efficient public services for its citizens and diaspora.