El Salvador Aims to Transform La Unión Port into a Regional Logistics Center.

In a bid to enhance regional connectivity and economic growth, the Salvadoran government is embarking on an ambitious project to transform the La Unión Port into a thriving regional logistics center. The initiative has gained substantial traction with several companies expressing keen interest in establishing operations within a strategically interconnected hub that links ports across the region, according to Commissioner Cristian Flores.

The recently successful ferry operation between El Salvador and Costa Rica, a joint effort by the governments of both countries, has not only fostered closer ties but also paved the way for a new era of opportunities at the La Unión Port.

Commissioner Cristian Flores, who oversees Presidential Strategic Projects, revealed that meticulous planning is underway to reshape the La Unión Port into a dynamic regional logistics center. “Our objective is to transform La Unión Port into a regional logistics center. Our plan involves engaging with approximately 80 companies that are potential contributors to this initiative. We are talking about 107 acres of off-port areas and adequate space to accommodate around 4,500 TEUs [Twenty-foot Equivalent Units] within our container yards,” stated Flores.

This endeavor is a significant component of a broader initiative focused on enhancing connectivity across 21 ports spanning from Panama to Mexico along the entire Pacific coast. Numerous corporations and collaborative institutions, including the Government of Japan, have shown interest in this strategic venture.

“The concept has garnered attention from several companies looking to establish their operations, free trade zones, gas enterprises, and various services within this regional logistics hub. In its initial phase, this hub will connect 21 ports along the Pacific coast from Panama to Mexico,” emphasized Flores.

Simultaneously, Flores underscored that the country possesses the requisite logistical and infrastructural conditions to successfully implement a project of this magnitude. Significant investments have been made in public infrastructure over the past four years, setting the stage for the seamless execution of this visionary plan.

As the Salvadoran government takes determined strides to position the La Unión Port as a pivotal regional logistics center, the envisioned transformation is poised to elevate the country’s economic standing, foster increased international collaboration, and redefine the future of maritime trade in the region.