• El Salvador explores cooperation with Israel

    El Salvador explores cooperation with Israel

    Exploring investment, cooperation, and strengthening trade relations between El Salvador and Israel is the purpose of the official visit carried out by Minister María Luisa Hayem to the Middle Eastern country, reported the Ministry of Economy (MINEC).

    According to official information, during the visit that will last until next Saturday, the officials will hold meetings with representatives of the Israeli public and business sector to share experiences on policies that led them to be a Startup Nation. Explore the benefits of investing in bitcoin in El Salvador and explore business opportunities.

    Israel has earned the name «Startup Nation» because it has the highest number of startups per capita in the world, about one startup for every 1,400 people. The country has 8.5 million people.

    As part of her visit, the minister participated in the most important cryptocurrency event in the region, called «Israel Crypto Conference 2022» where she held meetings with representatives of the public sector and the business sector to strengthen trade, investment, and innovation relations with that country.

    According to specialized media, the conference is the largest conclave of its kind to take place in Israel since the start of the pandemic in 2020 and has a list of more than 700 businessmen, opinion leaders, investors, and legislators who are revolutionizing the global crypto landscape.

    The Ministry of Economy indicated that, within the framework of the implementation of the Bitcoin Law, El Salvador has positioned itself as a potential country to attract investments from the crypto ecosystem.

    «In this sense, it is in the interest of the Government of El Salvador to know the strategies, policies, and state programs for the development of the innovation ecosystem in Israel, as well as to position El Salvador as an investment destination in Bitcoin and explore new opportunities for business for the Salvadoran productive sectors in the Israeli market», emphasized Economy.

    Minister Hayem also held a working meeting with her Israeli counterpart, Orna Barbivay, in which they agreed to exchange knowledge on issues such as: accompaniment and financing mechanisms for the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises; and short training programs for the creation of human talent.

  • The number of visitors to the port of La Libertad is about to double

    The number of visitors to the port of La Libertad is about to double

    The Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez, reported that 2.5 million visitors are received annually in the port area of ​​La Libertad and that, with new projects and investment, it is expected to double the number of tourists this year.

    Among the bets for 2022 and early 2023, the official highlighted the Surf City megaproject that includes the Surf City amusement park, Walter Thilo Deininger Surf City Adventure Park, new tourist pier, Gastronomic Laboratory, and other infrastructure interventions. In fact, the amusement park is more than 96% complete.

    «Surf City has three major components: first-class basic tourism infrastructure; tourism education; and the social and productive fabric that involves working with the communities and businessmen that are in the tourist destinations,» she said.

    More than 44 restaurants and hotels have already used the specialized services of the Surf City Gastronomic Laboratory and employed qualified personnel from the area, according to the official.

    In addition, the tourism authority stated that, despite not being high season, accommodation in Puerto de La Libertad is 100% complete and that an estimated 1,000 people will be at the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship event consuming local products and local gastronomy.

    «Holding this type of event has shown us, according to our statistics, that people who belong to the tourism sector increase their income by 70%. No one had bet on the waves as a development strategy, not only economic but also human development of the people who live in the marine coastal zone», she stated.

  • El Salvador has the cheapest basic food basket in the Central American region

    El Salvador has the cheapest basic food basket in the Central American region

    A recent study by the Research Center for Social and Economic Studies of Central America (CIESCA) revealed that El Salvador has the cheapest value of the basic food basket in the region.

    The basic food basket for a Salvadoran family has a value of $212.55. In second place is Costa Rica, with a cost of $276.72 to meet the food and needs of its population.

    Meanwhile, Nicaragua and Honduras have a higher value at $294.10 and $382.97, respectively. While Guatemala has positioned itself as the country with the most expensive basic basket, with $397.82 in its territory.

    The advantageous position of El Salvador corresponds to the eleven economic measures implemented by the government of President Nayib Bukele to protect the family economy of Salvadorans and thus avoid the effects of the inflation crisis that is being experienced throughout the world.

    This new data provided by CIESCA implies a significant reduction in the values ​​provided by the Minister of Economy, María Luisa Hayem, at the beginning of May, when the basic basket in El Salvador registered a cost of $221. 00.

    Thanks to these efforts, foods such as oil and butter, rice and sugar, onions, peppers, fertilizer, black and red beans, corn flour, wheat, milk, yellow corn, white corn, oranges, potatoes, bananas, cabbage, tomatoes, wheat, cereal, and animal feed do not pay import duties for one year.

  • The Minister of the Interior in Peru says that the example of President Nayib Bukele should be followed

    The Minister of the Interior in Peru says that the example of President Nayib Bukele should be followed

    The new head of the Ministry of the Interior in Peru, Dimitri Senmache, indicated that the state of emergency that governs Lima and Callao, due to citizen insecurity, will be used to carry out impact actions, in the hope of citizens being able to walk through «areas Dangerous» without being mugged.

    In this sense, Senmache praised what was done by President Nayib Bukele, who largely stopped the crimes perpetrated by the Mara Salvatrucha and Gang 18 with massive arrests of their members.

    Senmache stressed that, in Peru, «things need to change» to achieve results, as in the declaration of an emergency, which is not a solution if the operations are not accompanied by a legislative package.

    «The president entered, two and a half years had passed, or three years of his management, and the blow was forceful. Not that it has been resolved, but at least 80% yes. There, the criminal is afraid of the state, not the criminal’s state. That is what we have to do,» he commented.

  • The First Lady, Gabriela de Bukele, was awarded the 2022 Eureka World Science Prize

    The First Lady, Gabriela de Bukele, was awarded the 2022 Eureka World Science Prize

    The first lady, Gabriela de Bukele, received the 2022 Eureka World Science Prize, which was awarded by the World Council of Academics and University Researchers (COMAU) in Barranquilla, Colombia.

    «I want to thank the World Council of Academics and University Researchers for this invitation and this recognition that, more than an award, is an incentive for our government and for all of us who are working for early childhood,» said Gabriela de Bukele through a video to those attending the award ceremony.

    During her intervention, she explained each of the actions framed in the implementation of the National Policy to Support Early Childhood Development Grow Together and the Born with Love Law for Respected Childbirth and Loving and Sensitive Care for the Newborn.

    She highlighted the importance of implementing the four axes of the policy: health and nutrition; education and care; the environment and protective environments, and protection of early childhood rights.

    Similarly, she shared the experience of the implementation of the Law Nacer con Cariño, a regulation that made El Salvador the first country in Central America with a respected childbirth law.

    «The Born with Love Law for Respected Childbirth and Loving and Sensitive Care for the Newborn is part of the Health and Nutrition axis, the first initiative of the Growing Together Policy that becomes law. The law has the purpose of changing the way in which present and future generations of Salvadorans come into the world», she stressed.

    The First Lady emphasized the actions developed within the framework of the implementation of the regulations, such as: prenatal education for mothers and companions; continuous and specialized training in the maternal and child areas for health personnel; promotion, support, and protection of breastfeeding; skin-to-skin contact, and late cutting of the umbilical cord.

    «We hope that our commitment and work will become an inspiration for the rest of the countries in Latin America, because everything begins in the first years. Once again, thank you very much for this recognition. We are going to continue working for early childhood, because in El Salvador every boy counts, and every girl matters», the First Lady pointed out.

  • Nancy Mace, a US Congresswoman, celebrates President Bukele’s work

    Nancy Mace, a US Congresswoman, celebrates President Bukele’s work

    Nancy Mace, a member of the United States House of Representatives, recognized the work of President Nayib Bukele in his struggle to move El Salvador forward.

    «I applaud the country of El Salvador for their vision and daring to take their future into their own hands.» said the congresswoman from the North American country.

    According to the parliamentarian, time will prove the reason for the President of El Salvador’s decisions about the nation.

    «Time will prove that Nayib Bukele is right and that the politicians beholden to the central banks are wrong,» she said.

    President Bukele took up Nancy Mace’s tweet and placed two flags, those of El Salvador and the United States, as a sign of friendship. Nancy Mace is a member of the United States House of Representatives, serving in South Carolina’s 1st congressional district since 2021.

  • El Zonte has a new police headquarters to provide security to tourists from Surf City

    El Zonte has a new police headquarters to provide security to tourists from Surf City

    The Security Cabinet of President Nayib Bukele inaugurated at the end of Wednesday the new headquarters of the National Civil Police (PNC) in El Zonte, in the department of La Libertad, to provide comprehensive security to the inhabitants of the area, as well as tourists, domestic and foreign.

    At a cost of $559,000, the new headquarters was built with advanced technology and equipment in order to dignify the work of police officers in the tourist area, which is identified as one of the main points of Surf City on the Salvadoran coast.

    At the official event, the Minister of Security, Gustavo Villatoro, declared, «As a member of the Security Cabinet, I’m satisfied to deliver this work that we have built in record time, and that says a lot about the continuous culture of dignity of the police career, to which we are committed»

    The work has a complaint area, a surveillance and control room, a surveillance service with drones and rest rooms for police officers.

    It also has a sports field. The building is also friendly to the environment, as the design of the building is bioclimatic.

    The director of the National Civil Police, Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, recognized the agility in the construction of the work and the elimination of the bureaucracy that delayed in previous periods the dignity of the police career.

    «The El Zonte police headquarters is a work that started from scratch and has been fully equipped with a modern infrastructure that goes hand in hand with the ideals that Mr. President Nayib Bukele outlined in the Territorial Control Plan,» said the head of the corporation.

  • Construction of the New National Stadium of El Salvador will begin at the end of September

    Construction of the New National Stadium of El Salvador will begin at the end of September

    The construction of the new stadium donated by the People’s Republic of China will begin at the end of September this year, revealed the president of the Salvadoran Institute of Sports of El Salvador (INDES), Yamil Bukele, speaking about the new innovations for sports in the country.

    «According to the latest report, the construction of the stadium that China will donate will begin at the end of September,» the president of INDES explained.

    «It will have a capacity of 50,000 spectators and state-of-the-art technology. It will be for soccer. It will not have a track because many did not ask for the fans to be close to the field» added the official on the construction aspects.

    The construction of the new sports infrastructure is part of a collaboration granted by Chinese President Xi Jinping as a gesture of friendship between the peoples of China and El Salvador.

    This was one of the results of President Bukele’s tour of Asia, which aimed to strengthen investment and cooperation for the country.

    As part of that cooperation are the funds to build a new national stadium, a new national library, projected to be one of the best in Latin America, among other projects for the benefit of the Salvadoran population.

  • Amusement park in the port of La Libertad is nearing completion

    Amusement park in the port of La Libertad is nearing completion

    La Libertad will become one of the most emblematic departments for tourism in the country. The renovations carried out in El Malecón and the construction of the amusement park will make the sector stand out, and more tourists will arrive in El Salvador.

    In this sense, the government, as part of the Surf City strategy, is carrying out the construction of the amusement park in the port of La Libertad, which is currently 96% complete.

    «The Amusement Park, in the port of La Libertad, we are about to conclude. It is a work that has more than 96% progress. That is a small work compared to all those that will be developed as part of the Surf City project, » said the Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Romeo Rodríguez.

    In addition, the head of the MOP explained that for this project, the government provided the workforce to assemble the wheels, do the civil works, and improve the sector. However, the Chinese government donated the amusement rides so that they could be installed.

    On May 11, the MOP reported that it had installed the last mechanical game in the park, so the work is about to receive salvadorans and tourists.

    Likewise, as part of the work to be carried out in the area, two viewpoints will be built, a linear park will be created, and the entire road to Surf City will be illuminated. These works will benefit thousands of Salvadoran families and will boost the country’s tourism, said Rodríguez Herrera.

    The amusement park project consists of the installation of five mechanical games: the Ferris wheel, Roller Coaster, Carousel, Salto de Rana, and Barco, which have been donated by the cooperation of the People’s Republic of China. In this ambitious project, the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) has provided $4 million for the improvement of the place.

    On previous occasions, Tourism Minister Morena Valdez stated that the works would include the renovation of restaurants and sales, with an estimated $2 million investment. In addition, it is hoped that this park will contribute to the development of local businesses.

  • LaGeo will be a center of excellence to train different countries in geothermal energy

    LaGeo will be a center of excellence to train different countries in geothermal energy

    El Salvador works every day to increase the generation of renewable energies. Proof of this is that, to date, 85% of the electricity produced in the country is based on renewables, with geothermal being the one that injects the most.

    The projects promoted by the government of President Nayib Bukele have allowed El Salvador to preside over the last Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and to also participate in the 23rd Session of the Council. 

    In this sense, the general director of IRENA, Francesco La Camera, confirmed that LAGEO will become a center of excellence on an international scale to train countries in geothermal matters.

    At the conclave, the Lempa River Hydroelectric Executive Commission (CEL), represented by Vanessa Interiano, presented the transformations promoted by President Bukele, and confirmed that El Salvador is committed to promoting a sustainability and carbon neutrality approach during the next 30 years. years, thus giving a fundamental impetus for the fulfillment of the sustainable development goals (SDG).

    «It is in this spirit that El Salvador signed a cooperation agreement with IRENA, through which they will work closely to promote the country’s national decarbonization efforts in support of climate and economic development goals,» the diplomat said.

    In this second phase of this study, IRENA and El Salvador will work on the implementation of the recommendations made in the framework of the recent Renewable Energy Readiness Assessment (RRA) study.

    In addition, the promotion and production of geothermal energy is a key area of ​​attention, as well as the exchange of knowledge on the matter.

    The government continues to work to reaffirm the commitment to carry out all the necessary efforts and actions that contribute to adopting the sustainable use of renewable energies in the country, an example of which is that El Salvador will host the Second High-Level Conference of the Global Geothermal Alliance, to be held on September 30, 2022.

    Likewise, different activities will be carried out, such as training graduates in geothermal energy in the country.

    For the Bukele administration, IRENA has become a crucial actor in achieving a true energy transition. Its work is essential to achieving the Paris Agreement and the SDGs to a great extent.