On the Road to Progress El Salvador has Invested in Over 1,000 Km of Road Improvements.

The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) has undertaken a major initiative to improve the nation’s road network, focusing on over 1,000 kilometers of roads under President Nayib Bukele’s leadership. These projects encompass road reconstruction, pothole repair, and the creation of new infrastructure like overpasses and bypasses.

Romeo Rodríguez, MOP’s head, recently emphasized the accomplishments. The interventions involved complete road reconstructions, establishment of new infrastructure, and targeted pothole repairs.

“We’ve worked on over 1,000 kilometers of roads, rebuilding and patching up where needed. Our aim is to gradually enhance all our country’s roads,” Rodríguez stated.

These improvements not only benefit drivers but also facilitate the movement of goods.

“Roads are vital for commercial activities. Most goods and services travel through them,” added Rodríguez.

A significant focus has been on roads to borders. The road from El Coco to Jerez in Guatemala has been paved. Over 40 kilometers of the route to Las Chinamas have been reconstructed, and the El Poy border route rebuilt. Around five kilometers in Las Pilas and Río Chiquito, Chalatenango, have also been paved.

“We responded swiftly to fix roads near borders. We rebuilt stretches and customs points,” said Rodríguez.

The government has also invested in new infrastructure, including bridges, overpasses, roundabouts, and road expansions.

In 2022, President Bukele announced a $1.51 billion investment in public works as part of a comprehensive economic plan.

“Our administration’s road investment is unprecedented. We’ve revamped infrastructure like the Claudia Lars Peripheral Road and Camino a Surf City bypass,” explained Minister Rodríguez.

These upgrades signal economic growth and improved transportation, benefiting the nation’s development.