Over 203,000 Tablets Distributed to Boost Early Education.

El Salvador is making strides in transforming its education system by providing more than 203,000 tablets to young learners. Since February, preschoolers and first graders have received these devices, tailored to their age and academic needs.

Alejandra Orozco, Coordinator of Education Projects at the Office of the First Lady, shared that these tablets are carefully configured to match each student’s academic requirements, seamlessly integrating technology into learning.

Orozco revealed that distribution aligns with enrollment, with over 72,500 tablets for preschool level four, 60,800 for level five, and 36,000 for level six. The initiative also extends to first graders, ensuring all students are equipped with a modern tool to engage effectively.

Geographical barriers are no obstacle, Orozco emphasized. Tablets are delivered to parents, who sign agreements taking responsibility for usage.

This initiative is part of El Salvador’s educational reform, “Mi Nueva Escuela,” and “Programa Enlaces con la Educación,” aimed at reshaping education and improving technology access.

Deputy Minister of Culture, Eric Doradea, noted that each tablet contains the “Árbol de Vida” collection, promoting intellectual growth among young children.

These tablets signify El Salvador’s commitment to equipping children with the tools needed to thrive in a modern educational environment, fostering a brighter future.