Closing the Digital Gap: El Salvador and Starlink Revolutionize Education in La Unión Islands.

Two educational centers in the island municipality of Meanguera del Golfo, La Unión, now have access to Starlink satellite internet, providing enhanced educational opportunities for students and teachers alike.

Through a tweet, Starlink praised El Salvador and the Ministry of Education for their efforts in reducing the digital divide: “One-third of humanity remains offline, and many users only have basic connectivity. The Ministry of Education in El Salvador—among many others around the world—is installing Starlink in schools to help close the digital divide.”

The teams from the General Superintendence of Electricity and Telecommunications (Siget) and the Ministry of Education (Mined) collaborated on the installation of antennas and conducted connectivity tests at the Conchagüita Island school and the Meanguera del Golfo Educational Complex.

As part of this initiative to bring first-world services closer, the Minister of Education, José Mauricio Pineda, and other government officials visited the area, distributing computers and tablets to young children.

“In collaboration with Siget, we have installed satellite internet connection in the Meanguera del Golfo Educational Complex, promoting equal opportunities for our children to excel and generate local development,” stated Minister Pineda.

Now, students in these remote areas, who previously faced connectivity challenges, have access to high-speed internet, one of the notable advantages of the recently installed service in both educational institutions. They can now browse the web at speeds of over 200 Mbps.

The installation of satellite internet in these educational institutions on the islands of the Gulf of Fonseca will benefit over 400 students, from early childhood education to high school, as well as their teachers.