El Salvador’s Technological Advancement Highlighted by Amazon.

In a recent forum organized by the United States Embassy, Luis Marrero, the Manager of Public Sector for Central America and the Caribbean at Amazon Web Services, congratulated El Salvador for having legislation that enables the utilization of available technologies. He acknowledged the country’s ability to swiftly develop applications that can reach the entire population, describing it as a technological miracle.

Marrero also encouraged El Salvador to become the next Silicon Valley in the region by continuing to prioritize education. His remarks came in light of the country’s recent legislative developments, including the approval of the Law for the Promotion of Innovation and Technological Manufacturing. This law grants tax exemptions to new investments in the sector for a minimum of 15 years. El Salvador has also introduced other regulations, such as the Digital Assets Law and the Bitcoin Law, which promote the use of financial technologies.

Echoing Marrero’s sentiments, María Luisa Hayem, the Minister of Economy, emphasized the government’s commitment to facilitating the establishment, operation, and growth of technology sector investors in the country. She stated that innovation and technology are essential pillars for El Salvador, not only for their contribution to the competitiveness and sustainability of businesses in an increasingly globalized world but also for their direct impact on the quality of life and well-being of Salvadorans.

Hayem further expressed El Salvador’s aspirations to become a digital nation that nurtures successful local and foreign companies and startups. The minister highlighted the country’s strategic location and emphasized that El Salvador is actively working to become a regional hub for innovation and technology. She also revealed that over 20,000 individuals have been trained in digital skills, management, and English through partnerships with companies like Amazon. Additionally, the country has strengthened its innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem through collaborations with more than 50 partners.

El Salvador’s commitment to fostering a technologically advanced environment, supported by favorable legislation and focused efforts on education and skills development, has positioned it as an attractive destination for investments in the technology sector. As the nation continues to build a solid foundation for innovation and technology, it strives to shape a future where local and foreign enterprises flourish, contributing to economic growth and the well-being of its citizens.

With its sights set on becoming a digital powerhouse, El Salvador is poised to capitalize on its strategic advantages and transform into a beacon of technological progress in the region.