The Surfing Elite Gather in El Salvador for the World Longboard Championship.

he Surf City El Salvador ISA Surfing World Longboard Championship is off to an exhilarating start as it enters its fifth day of competition today.

Since early hours this Friday, athletes have flocked to El Sunzal Beach in La Libertad to warm up and prepare themselves for the intense battles that lie ahead. This tournament boasts the participation of 33 delegations, making it a truly international event.

The Surf City El Salvador ISA Surfing World Longboard Championship began last Monday, and today, the sporting extravaganza continues with great enthusiasm. Over 110 athletes from around the globe have gathered to showcase their skills and compete for glory in the Surf City El Salvador ISA Surfing World Longboard Championship.

“This is the first of six tournaments we will have this year. This is El Salvador’s year for surfing, and I am very pleased and proud,” expressed Morena Valdez, the Minister of Tourism, about the Surf City El Salvador ISA World Longboard Championship.

“Personally, I have known El Salvador for 25 years. I have witnessed the positive transformation El Salvador has undergone,” stated Karin Sierralta, the Vice President of the International Surfing Association.

“The waves here are world-class. The tournament is spectacular. El Salvador has become the star organizer of surfing events. Consistency leads to perfection, and they have been improving year after year,” he added.

“In El Salvador, you can choose any day of the year, and you will catch waves. The government understood this competitive advantage very well and is making the most of it,” said Karin.

“There will be six tournaments in El Salvador this year, four of which are world championships featuring the surfing elite, while the other two are the Central American Games and the Latin American championship,” stated Morena Valdez.

The global surf industry generates more than $40 billion, prompting the Vice President of the International Surfing Association to comment, “The investment they are making in sustainable tourism in El Salvador is truly spectacular.”

“At this moment, El Salvador is in the world’s spotlight, and President Nayib Bukele is an admired figure with fans throughout Latin America,” concluded Karin Sierralta.

The Surf City El Salvador ISA Surfing World Longboard Championship has become a symbol of El Salvador’s rise as a premier surfing destination. With breathtaking waves and a commitment to sustainable tourism, the country is poised to attract even more surf enthusiasts from around the world. As the competition intensifies, the world eagerly watches the incredible skills and dedication displayed by the athletes in this extraordinary event.