Satellite Internet Installed at La Campanera School in Soyapango.

The Ministry of Education (Mined) and the General Superintendency of Electricity and Telecommunications (Siget) have installed satellite internet from Starlink at a new educational center. The center is called La Campanera School and it is located in Soyapango. The technical teams arrived at the school to install the equipment and carry out the corresponding download speed tests. The internet will be beneficial for students, who can connect through their computers during classes to enhance their educational practice.

“Now, girls, boys, and adolescents at this educational center have a first-world resource for their learning processes, allowing them to enjoy their right to quality public education,” tweeted the Mined.

In addition to contributing to the learning process, these actions favor equal opportunities for students in this community and reinforce the State’s intervention in this municipality with measures such as the exception regime and security perimeter.

In the same municipality, students at Ciudad Credisa School witnessed the inauguration of their new library. According to the Minister of Education, Mauricio Pineda, the opening of this space will stimulate students’ imagination and creativity while developing the habit of reading and acquiring new knowledge. “It fills me with happiness to contribute to the educational improvement process that dignifies our girls, boys, and adolescents,” said the official.

On April 12, Mined technicians also installed satellite internet at the San Francisco Chinameca School in La Paz, benefiting 119 students.