BCIE Increases Contribution to Roque Dalton Scholarship Program.

The Banco Centroamericano de Integración Económica (BCIE) for El Salvador has announced an increase in their support for the Roque Dalton Presidential Scholarship program. The program provides access to university studies for young people throughout El Salvador, covering the full cost of tuition, as well as food, housing, transportation, and more.

The Director of BCIE for El Salvador, Luis Rodríguez, recently stated that the bank will collaborate with the Ministry of Finance to provide funding for the Roque Dalton scholarship program. “We will sign a first agreement for the scholarships with the Ministry of Finance tomorrow. We are studying how to structure additional financing for this program to expand the range of opportunities. The President’s approval has been granted, and the funds are from our donation,” explained Rodríguez in a recent interview with A:M.

The BCIE has prioritized education as a transversal axis in its funding strategy. Rodríguez further highlighted that the bank has invested $500 million in educational connectivity in the country, which is the largest investment they have ever made. “We have never made such a significant investment in education in the 62 years of our existence. We have invested $500 million in connectivity alone, and we have also made a significant contribution to the delivery of computers and the internet to students,” said Rodríguez.

Thanks to the support of the BCIE, the Salvadoran government has been able to provide laptops and digital tablets to all students in public schools. Currently, the Ministry of Education is distributing tablets to pre-school children, and they recently visited the municipality of Panchimalco, in San Salvador, to provide devices to more than 670 students.

Furthermore, Rodríguez announced that their work plan for this year includes a focus on higher education and school infrastructure. They plan to deliver additional scholarships beyond those of the Roque Dalton program and will execute other educational projects to be announced soon with President Nayib Bukele. “The bank will support these programs unconditionally and absolutely, for as long as possible, even up to 20 years,” he added.

The Director of BCIE emphasized the essential role of scholarships in providing equal opportunities for young people, especially those living in rural areas. “The educational opportunities gap has been narrowing. The program has started, and as a bank, we are thrilled,” he said.

This increase in funding for the Roque Dalton Presidential Scholarship program represents a significant step towards improving access to education for Salvadoran youth, fostering development and improving their quality of life.