CEPA Launches Tender for Expansion of Check-in Area at El Salvador Airport.

The Comisión Ejecutiva Portuaria Autónoma (CEPA), the autonomous agency of the Salvadoran government, has initiated a competitive bidding process for the expansion of the check-in area at the San Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport in El Salvador. The project includes the construction of 40 new registration points, which will help expedite the passenger check-in process. In total, there will be 122 service points available.

CEPA’s goal is to continue the modernization of the airport to provide high-quality services to visitors. The organization has called on companies to participate in the competitive bidding process, and the announcement will be published on Comprasal from April 17 to 21. The document for the request for proposal will be available for delivery or download from April 24 to 28, while the opening and reception of bids will be on May 31.

The agency has previously explained that the renovation of the passenger registration area, which covers an area of 1,601 square meters, will include the construction of 40 new registration points. The expanded check-in area will have a total of 122 registration points, allowing 14 airlines operating at the airport to provide better services to national and international tourists.

“We are going to make an internal move at the airport, both in the offices of our personnel and those of the airlines, and this will provide the capacity to have double the counters,” said Federico Anliker, the president of CEPA, recently.

In addition to the expansion of the check-in area, CEPA will also expand the parking area to provide better services to people who come to drop off or pick up their relatives. The project will include the construction of a two- or three-level parking building with a capacity for more than 1,000 additional vehicles.

“The parking lot is no longer enough. When the last bank of flights ends, and we see that the airport is having a lot of movement, the parking lot can accommodate about 2,000 vehicles. That’s why we’re going to add 1,000 more in height,” said the official.

The modernization of the aforementioned areas, along with the new passenger terminal, makes it one of the most modern airports in the region.