Indian businessmen are interested in investing in El Salvador.

Salvadoran government authorities recently held a meeting with the Confederation of Industry of India (CII), which expressed interest in the country’s potential for investment.

The IIC is a non-governmental organization, with around 9,000 direct members from the public and private sectors, including SMEs and multinationals, and some 300,000 indirect members in 133 countries around the world, explained the presidential commissioner for strategic projects, Cristian Flores.

The official announced that after a series of approaches, both parties agreed to hold the virtual forum «El Salvador: A Strategic Partner,» in which more than 30 IIC member companies participated.

In the forum, managed by the Chancellery of the Republic, the government of El Salvador proposes El Salvador as a strategic point in the region for the establishment of operations, which in turn serves as a space to provide an update on the business climate, progress in strategic projects, and the exportable supply of the country.

The areas of the companies that participated in this approach are renewable energies, recruitment, digital payment platforms, product manufacturing, industrial, construction, and manufacturing, among others.

For her part, the Vice Foreign Minister, Adriana Mira, said that through this activity, the aim was to attract investors from that nation to our territory, with the purpose of promoting trade relations and the promotion of strategic projects with investors from that nation.

The official expanded that the companies participating in the forum identified sectors with investment opportunities such as aeronautics, agribusiness, renewable energy, light manufacturing, technology services, textiles and clothing, and tourism.

«The Government of President Nayib Bukele is committed to generating investment opportunities that promote development and economic growth, as well as positioning El Salvador in the international market,» said Mira.

Also, recently, the ambassador of El Salvador in India, Guillermo Rubio, held a meeting with the secretary of the east of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saurabh Kumar.