El Salvador has renovated more than 500 kilometers through the National Patchwork Plan.

The national director of Municipal Works, Alvaro O’Byrne, reported this morning in an AM interview that the National Patching Plan of the Municipal Works Directorate (DOM) has executed 161 projects in 144 municipalities in the country. More than 500 kilometers have been renewed through this plan. In addition, the DOM is currently involved in 10 school renovation projects, 19 drinking water projects, and four municipal markets.

The official stressed that the projects have reached 55% of the country’s municipalities. In addition, this year they have more than 756 projects that they will carry out. Projects that already had a technical folder have been prioritized.

“We are renovating streets, parks, sports centers, schools, and markets—in short, all kinds of comprehensive projects to guarantee a transformation in the territories and greater opportunities for people to improve,” explained O’Byrne.

On the other hand, he indicated that the Dr. Ciro Brito and State of Israel Educational Centers are intervening, through the My New School project, which is part of the 1,000 schools that will be rebuilt. “In the El Almendro sector, there was only one sheet metal classroom, but last week we launched the reconstruction project, where there will also be lighting,” emphasized the head of the DOM.

Some educational centers will be under construction for six months, such as the La Libertad nursery school. In Nahuizalco, there are also schools that will be delivered to the Ministry of Education. “We will carry out these investments with total transparency in all the projects that will be completed this year,” he clarified.

On the other hand, he explained that the DOM is a transversal and territorial institution that sees projects in health, education, markets, etc. “We are carrying out these important projects, because the markets provide an order to the municipalities. Vendors will have a decent place to bring local development,” O’Byrne said.

In addition, he explained that in 2023 they will start with the generation of free training opportunities for young people from 18 to 30 years old with the School of Specialization for Construction.