+20k tablets are delivered daily to students in El Salvador

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, confirmed that they are delivering more than 20,000 tablets per day to students in the public system who are in first through third grade.

“We are delivering more than 20,000 tablets daily, to quickly reach our goal of having all children and teenagers in our country who study in a public school or institute have a computer or a tablet (for the children).” said the president.

In addition, the president explained that the computers that are being delivered are HP or Dell, while the tablets are Lenovo. “All new, excellent quality, and with free educational internet and Google For Edu,” he said.

The government, through the Ministry of Education, has equipped each computer with educational software and 15 educational applications that can be used with and without internet connectivity.

This technological tool also has security software installed that, in case of theft, will allow its location to be tracked. The government’s investment for this ambitious project is $59.1 million.