Bitcoiners around the world help to boost the economies of Salvadoran communities

The community of bitcoin entrepreneurs continues to carry out initiatives with a positive impact in the municipalities of El Salvador. Bitfinex and other anonymous bitcoiners have decided to donate funds to support entrepreneurs and social initiatives in Ilopango, Soyapango, and Apopa, as well as in Nueva Concepción, in Chalatenango.

The capital is delivered directly to the beneficiaries—from wallet to wallet—by Max Keizer and Stacy Herbert, the crypto investors and journalists who also develop other bets in the country. The goal is to provide opportunities to families who have historically been impacted by gangs but are now seeing the light thanks to the actions of the new government administration.

“The hope is that a good monthly income can contribute to the local community and incentivize citizens not to join a gang that would harm the community,” Keizer said.

The last donation of $100,000 went to the residents of Nueva Concepción, where small businessmen received an injection of capital in bitcoin. Previously, entrepreneurs from Soyapango and Ilopango received a similar figure.

In this last municipality, $25,000 were distributed directly to some families and small businesses, the rest was given to Mayor José María Chicas to be delivered according to the needs of the place.

On the other hand, in Apopa, $50,000 was offered in payment to people who supported the cleanup around the pedestrian bridge that connects the communities of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

“Thank you to the communities of Los Angeles and San Francisco in Apopa for this incredible work that helps make El Salvador the place we want it to be. I am happy that now they can also enjoy the blessings of economic freedom », Herbert pointed out on his social networks.