BetaFly is the first mobile flight tracker application in El Salvador

Salvadoran aeronautics takes off every day and more companies in the field decide to venture into new businesses that do not exist in the country.

One of these investments is BetaFly, the first aerial application in El Salvador that was born as an initiative of the association of the companies BetaCode, AEROSAL, Transportes Aéreos de El Salvador (TAES), and Callejas Group. The company’s commitment is to innovate the way air tourism works in El Salvador and bring new options to enjoy, learn about, and admire the beauty of the country from above.

As part of the attraction of new projects, the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (Proesa),accompanied the entrepreneurs to launch the SALEX investment.

Óscar Martínez, CEO of BetaFly, indicated that the application is the first aerial application in the country and in Latin America. It was made with an investment of around $45,000.

El Salvador becomes a pioneer in this type of project in the sector, with this application, assured Martínez.

Likewise, BetaFly is a digital platform from which you can search, reserve, and monitor local tourist flights, and through which the quality of service and attention times in terms of consultation and access to options, offers, and packages are improved. according to the needs of customers.

In addition, it has the facility to make payments safely through credit, debit, and bitcoin cards. The cost of the flight is between $35 and $45 per half hour, with a tour of Ilopango, the San Salvador volcano, and Lake Coatepeque, among others.

Interested customers can search for more information through the website or mobile application on the Android and iOS operating systems. This can also be used with the Apple Watch.

Furthermore, over the coming months, BetaFly will continue to expand the transportation options it makes available to its customers, develop new accessibility features, and remain open to the incorporation of new companies within the partnership that are committed to transforming air travel in El Salvador.