The Turkish Aerospace Industries delegation explored investments in the aeronautical sector in El Salvador

A delegation from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), from Turkey, which is dedicated to the manufacture of aircraft and satellites, visited El Salvador to learn about the Salvadoran experience in that sector.

The visitors stayed in the country between June 12 and 14, as part of the follow-up to the economic and cooperation mechanisms that President Nayib Bukele established with the Republic of Turkey during his visit to that country last January.

The delegation also sought to identify investment opportunities open to foreign capital, within the framework of the aeronautical cluster strategy led by the government.

In addition, they developed a work agenda with various government institutions dedicated to attracting investment, promoting trade and boosting the potential of the aforementioned cluster; among these, the Secretariat of Commerce and Investments of the Presidency, the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (Proesa), and the Chancellery of the Republic, through the Vice Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We have seen that they have good infrastructure, industrial capacity, as well as academic bases,” said Naki Polat, executive vice president of TAI’s Aerostructures division.

In this regard, Vice Minister Adriana Mira said that she took advantage of the delegation’s visit to show the opportunities that the country offers in strategic areas, such as aeronautics.

As part of the visit, in which the TAI Business Development Manager, Ayşe Aysun Yüceer, also participated, the Turkish entity formalized an educational agreement with Don Bosco University, which offers careers in the aeronautics sector and other branches. industrial.

Through this agreement, students from that house of studies will be able to do academic internships and learn about the work that is carried out within the TAI, in Turkey.