Guaranteed connectivity for 1.3 million public sector students and their teachers

This Thursday, the interim Minister of Education, Mauricio Pineda, together with representatives of telephone companies in El Salvador, gave a conference to expand information about the “Connectivity for Teachers and Students in the Public Sector” initiative. The connectivity project will benefit more than 1,300,000 students and 43,000 teachers in the public sector.

In addition to the interim Minister of Education, the following attended: Eduardo Solórzano, Movistar representative; Irina Cisneros, Digicel representative; Roberto Garay, Claro representative; and lvaro Mayora, Tigo El Salvador representative

The interim Minister of Education explained that this is a key project to take education in El Salvador to another level of quality, which is also being worked on in conjunction with the Innovation Secretariat of the Government of El Salvador.

The students and teachers who will benefit will have access to Google platforms, YouTube and educational domains. In addition, through the project, they will be able to access functions of Meet, Jamboard, Keep, Sites, among others.

«Education has changed, the reality we live in is a challenge to innovation. We are working with the Ministry of Education on the Connected Teachers Program, 5,000 digital skills teachers,” said Álvaro Mayora, a Tigo representative.