The First Lady, Gabriela de Bukele, announced the creation of the Nacer con Cariño “El Nido” (The Nest) Maternity Center

The first lady of the republic, Gabriela de Bukele, reported tonight on the creation of the Nacer con Cariño Maternity Center “El Nido”, as part of the actions of the implementation of the Nacer con Cariño Law.

“Today I announce one of the most important steps so that future Salvadorans can be born with love, the Nacer con Cariño “El Nido” Maternity Center will be the first in the region. It will be the benchmark to follow for the implementation of the new model of maternal and child care” — said the first lady.

The First Lady made this announcement during the launch of the implementation of the Nacer con Cariño Law before mothers, the Nacer con Cariño team, and members of the National Integrated Health System (SNIS).

This specialized center will also serve to train health professionals in the country, so that they can obtain the necessary skills to guarantee proper care for mothers and their babies.

“It will provide all the services and care that mothers and their babies need in one place. We will continue working on this path, because babies deserve to be born with love, and this is everyone’s commitment” — she stressed.

The Nacer con Cariño Law came into force on February 24, and is based on scientific evidence as part of the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

A diagnosis in the maternal and child area of ​​the public health system revealed that the situation was alarming and for which a work plan was drawn up. The draft Law Nacer was delivered to the Legislative Assembly with Love for Respected Childbirth and Loving and Sensitive Care for Newborns, and it was approved a month later with 79 votes.

As part of the actions to implement the law, 100% of the maternity homes have been renovated to guarantee a decent space for mothers and their babies.

In addition to the delivery of new uniforms to maternal and child health personnel and new and appropriate gowns for mothers.