“Nacer con cariño” (Born with love) directs El Salvador to be a Latin American benchmark in the care of mothers, their newborns, and their families

The Nacer con Cariño Law arises from the need to change the way Salvadorans come into the world, to transform the model of maternal and child care. It is the legacy of the experience and leadership of the First Lady, Gabriela de Bukele, and also of the articulated and inter-institutional work together with specialized technicians from national and international organizations.

This law incorporates new specialists, including maternal and child health promoters. Training sessions are held for this.

“Throughout the process that we have stipulated for the Born with Affection Law, it has the approval of the @opsoms, for aspects of the care of the mother and the newborn” — Minister Alabí explained.

Renovations have been carried out in the maternity areas of national hospitals, to provide quality care to pregnant women and promote a pleasant environment in each health center.