Almost 30,000 doses against COVID-19 have been applied to foreigners in El Salvador

A total of 29,051 doses against COVID-19 have been placed on foreigners in the El Salvador health system. Of this total, 14,748 are first doses, 12,177 are second inoculations, and 2,126 are booster doses. Every day, the numbers increase. For instance, on February 27, 35 received the first dose, 47 the second, and 33 the booster dose.

In this sense, the country is approaching 30,000 doses applied to this sector of the population, which benefits not only Salvadorans, but also anyone who wishes to receive protection through the vaccine.

Vaccination for foreigners has been enabled since October 2021 in El Salvador. The government seeks to provide protection for all people. This strategy can be established thanks to the wide availability of vaccines that El Salvador has. Therefore, for more than four months, it has been documented that people from the United States, England, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, and other countries have gone to the different vaccination centers in the country to be inoculated, especially in the megacenter of Hospital El Salvador.

Foreigners over 18 years of age can receive the three doses of the vaccination schedule. The only requirement is to make the appointment with a form of ID (a passport or any identification document from another country). The benefit applies to all people living with an irregular status in the country and to tourists.