Samsung Explores Cooperation Opportunities with El Salvador.

Samsung Latin America’s President, Hong Sang Jo, met with President Bukele and members of the country’s private sector to discuss potential partnerships.

The President of Samsung Latin America, Hong Sang Jo, met with the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, to explore the possibility of forming an alliance aimed at strengthening El Salvador’s technological capabilities.

This agreement with the Salvadoran government could encompass training programs for young people, infrastructure development, and research and innovation projects.

“El Salvador is a nation with tremendous economic growth potential. We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the government to help this country reach its full potential,” he said.

“Technology is the tool that will enable us to build a better future. That’s why Samsung is committed to supporting the development of technological capabilities in El Salvador and the rest of Latin America,” he added.

Currently, the company has two ongoing technology education initiatives in schools across the country: Solve For Tomorrow and Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC). Both programs aim to equip young people with the tools they need to contribute to their communities.

In addition, the high-ranking executive held a meeting with representatives of the Salvadoran private sector to discuss investment opportunities, as the company is interested in expanding its presence in El Salvador, particularly in the fields of Information Technology and Communication (ITC).

During the meeting, the Korean entrepreneur also spoke about the benefits that Expo Mundial 2030 could bring to El Salvador and the region.

“The Expo Mundial 2030 in Busan would be a unique opportunity for El Salvador and the rest of Latin America to showcase their economic, tourist, and technological potential. This world exposition would help strengthen trade and cooperation ties between our countries, promoting sustainable development and innovation,” he noted.

Growing Interest in the Country

Jo’s latest visit is a sign of Samsung’s growing interest in El Salvador. The top executive of the tech company highlighted in an interview with “Diario El Salvador” back in August that one of the reasons motivating their continued investment in the country is the improvement in security resulting from President Nayib Bukele’s actions.

“I’ve heard from my El Salvador team that President Bukele has made significant progress in his vision of making El Salvador a safe country. We see new opportunities with what President Bukele has done to make the country very safe for us. Moreover, Salvadorans have shown love for the Samsung brand and products, so we aim to continue contributing to El Salvador,” he pointed out.