El Salvador Takes the Lead in Artificial Intelligence Development for the Entertainment Industry.

El Salvador is poised to become a trailblazer in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the entertainment industry, as a prominent American company establishes its international AI Management and Development headquarters in the country, fostering collaboration with local talent.

Sortium, a pioneering company in AI development within the entertainment and technology sectors in the United States, has officially announced the launch of its operations in El Salvador.

The company revealed its plans to establish its international AI Management and Development headquarters in El Salvador, with the goal of promoting initiatives and advancements in the field of entertainment in partnership with local talent. Furthermore, Sortium aims to transform the country into a regional hub for the provision of such technological services.

Sortium specializes in 3D generative models, generative textures, style compatibility, professional tool add-ons, 3D model editing, and LiveOps integration.

One of the company’s most notable achievements is the creation of Sortium AI, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform centered around the video game and virtual production industries. Its core component is an AI assistant tailored for the workspace, driven by advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative Artificial Intelligence.

The company added that Sortium AI is a tool that empowers game developers to create professional assets in real-time using natural language, generate exceptional content, and streamline any future tokenization.

“Sortium’s technology knows no boundaries; our local presence will expand into global markets. San Salvador will become a base and a launching point for this global-scale industry,” affirmed Marc Seal, CEO of Sortium.

He also emphasized that one of Sortium’s objectives in establishing itself in El Salvador is to create more jobs and tap into local talent. “In three years, 80% of our employees will be Salvadoran,” he stated.

Recently, the company extended invitations to experts from around the world, investors, global leaders in entertainment and technology, and executives from major industry giants to discuss the future of innovation and how El Salvador will evolve into a hub for such technologies.

“By harnessing disruptive technology, this headquarters will serve as a focal point for open dialogues with industry professionals, venture capital investors, and global tech leaders in the legal and tech sectors,” Sortium elaborated in a press release.

Furthermore, it explained that the decision is based on successful and robust relationships with local partners, such as Vertex Studio, with whom they have been collaborating since 2021, employing over 20 professionals dedicated to revolutionizing the tech industry.

Sortium will also convene industry experts, including former Disney executives, partners from leading international law firms, and representatives from top investors in the tech space, to fulfill their objectives in the country.