Major Investment Unveiled for Ocean Breeze Resort in Surf City, El Salvador.

El Salvador continues to position itself as a key hub for tourism investment, and to further this endeavor, Grupo Corven, in collaboration with the Tourism Cabinet authorities, announced on Monday a $50 million investment in the construction of the Ocean Breeze Eco Hotel, Villas & Beach Resort. This high-end real estate development is set to be located in Mizata, La Libertad.

Tourism Minister Morena Valdez emphasized that this investment will not only bolster the country’s attractiveness to international tourists but also create an ideal environment for tourism-related investments. “This project will mark a turning point for this area. According to our statistics, as of August this year, we have received 2.2 million visitors and $2.1 billion in foreign exchange income. The numbers also indicate that the visitors we are receiving are the second and third generations of those who left,” detailed the official.

Marco Zablah, President of Grupo Corven, confirmed the investment in this new tourism space and highlighted its role in job creation and boosting the national economy. “We have practically sold the second apartment building to date and a percentage of houses without even launching the project. At this moment, Ocean Breeze is being introduced on a national and international scale. I want to thank President Nayib Bukele. Together, we are building sustainable tourism in the country and positioning it on the international stage,” he commented.

“Grupo Corven generates 800 jobs and will create 800 more with the construction of Ocean Breeze. We have been working in the hotel industry for 29 years,” Zablah also emphasized.

The launch event for this new tourism investment was attended by Vice President Felix Ulloa, who highlighted how El Salvador is attracting both national and international investors, showcasing the social and financial security that the country currently offers. “What El Salvador is currently offering to national and foreign investors is security, both physical and legal. We are discovering the dynamics of this new El Salvador, with many efforts being coordinated between the government and the private sector,” he commented.

“With this project, it is being demonstrated that if you believe in the country, invest in it, generate employment, and foster economic growth, we are witnessing a new step in the right direction,” added the Vice President.

The investment in the Ocean Breeze Eco Hotel, Villas & Beach Resort marks another milestone in El Salvador’s journey towards becoming a premier tourist destination and an attractive hub for international investors, underlining the country’s commitment to sustainable tourism and economic development.