Accelerate: The Salvadoran Legal Firm Driving the Bitcoin Ecosystem.

El Salvador, a nation at the forefront of embracing new technologies, has witnessed the emergence of specialized legal firms to cater to businesses and entrepreneurs seeking guidance under the country’s new technology regulations. Among these pioneering firms is Accelerate, founded by Alejandro Muñoz, a Salvadoran lawyer and notary with a background in technology and a track record of leading expert teams in the field.

Accelerate’s primary mission is to provide comprehensive support to cryptocurrency and software investors who are flocking to El Salvador to take advantage of the country’s favorable business environment. With the recent regulatory changes governing the use of new technologies in the country, the need for expert legal counsel for companies and entrepreneurs seeking to operate within these legal frameworks has become evident.

Speaking about the initiative, Muñoz emphasized the firm’s commitment to delivering specialized, friendly, and affordable services while maintaining a high standard of quality. Accelerate serves as an advisory office for attracting private investments and assists investors through every step of the process, from setting up their companies to obtaining residence permits and complying with the Technology Innovation Law.

Since June of this year, Accelerate has been offering legal services for business establishment, providing guidance to entrepreneurs seeking residency, and supporting clients in obtaining Bitcoin licenses and digital asset licenses. The firm has a vision to expedite business growth by providing a full suite of services, including auditing, accounting, technological support, and marketing, facilitating the seamless establishment of businesses in El Salvador.

According to the CEO of Accelerate, the firm has already been inundated with requests for residency permits and company domicile services. They are currently collaborating with major cryptocurrency companies, digital asset providers, Bitcoin exchanges, payment gateways, and wallets. The interest in El Salvador as a hub for tech-related ventures is palpable, with over 100 residency applications and 30 people already choosing to make the country their home. Additionally, Accelerate has partnered with 20 prominent global companies, both existing and new entrants, due to their specialization in the sector.

Muñoz highlighted the expertise of his team, which comprises specialists in each service offered, with a particular focus on technological projects. Businesses and investors can easily reach out to Accelerate through their website,, or via social media platforms.

As the crypto and tech industries continue to expand in El Salvador, firms like Accelerate play a crucial role in providing essential legal guidance and support to both local and international businesses, fostering a vibrant and thriving ecosystem for Bitcoin and other digital assets in the country. With their dedication and expertise, Accelerate is poised to be a driving force behind the growth of the Salvadoran technology landscape.