Sound of Freedom Premieres in El Salvador And the Country Takes a Pioneering Step in the Fight Against Child Trafficking.

In an unprecedented move, President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador met with film producer Eduardo Verástegui, known for his work on the movie “Sound of Freedom,” and Neal Stoker Harmon, the CEO of Angel Studios. Following the meeting, President Nayib Bukele and Eduardo Verástegui signed a Letter of Intent to combat child trafficking, marking a historic moment for the country.

El Salvador has become the first nation to sign a Letter of Intent with the Viva México Movement, founded by Eduardo Verástegui, in their joint efforts to combat human trafficking.

“Today we have met with the team from the movie ‘Sound of Freedom,’ who chose El Salvador to be the first government to work together in eradicating child trafficking. On July 28, 2023, El Salvador signed a Letter of Intent,” said President Nayib Bukele, emphasizing the significance of the occasion.

The film “Sound of Freedom” has gained immense success due to its portrayal of a critical and sensitive topic that is often met with resistance and censorship. “A very few people are willing to take a stand against such issues,” President Nayib Bukele added.

President Bukele acknowledged the efforts of his wife, Gabriela, in working towards the development, protection, and welfare of children. Signing the Letter of Intent alongside the Viva México Movement reinforces their commitment to safeguarding the well-being of children and adolescents.

“We invite all Salvadorans to watch this film, which will be projected at the Teatro Presidente today and officially released on August 31st. It is essential that the message reaches the world so that we can find solutions and enact reforms to eradicate child trafficking,” President Bukele encouraged.

The President also expressed concern over the opposition and attacks the movie has faced. “It is curious that some individuals oppose and attack a film that sheds light on child trafficking. Such resistance only bothers those who engage in trafficking or fear those who expose it,” he stated passionately.

Eduardo Verástegui praised El Salvador for being the first country whose government convened its officials, offered a free screening of the film, and welcomed them personally. This remarkable commitment demonstrates the country’s determination to combat child trafficking on a national level.

As the fight against child trafficking continues, El Salvador sets an inspiring example for the international community. By partnering with the Viva México Movement and supporting “Sound of Freedom,” the country takes a significant step towards raising awareness and eliminating this heinous crime against children.

The collaborative efforts of President Nayib Bukele, Eduardo Verástegui, and the Viva México Movement promise a brighter and safer future for the vulnerable children whose lives are at risk. The world watches with admiration as El Salvador leads the charge against child trafficking and takes decisive action for the betterment of humanity.