AES Invests $5.5 Million in Solar Power Plant in Meanguera del Golfo.

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable energy solutions, AES El Salvador unveiled its latest venture, the AES Meanguera del Golfo solar plant, equipped with cutting-edge battery storage technology. The $5.5 million project, located in the municipality of La Unión, features 1,929 solar panels and 208 state-of-the-art batteries, generating 1.3 megawatts peak (MWp) of renewable energy with a storage capacity of 4 megawatt-hours (MWh).

The primary objective of this pioneering initiative was to provide a reliable energy solution to the families residing on the islands of Meanguera, Conchagüita, and Meanguerita in the Meanguera del Golfo municipality, as well as on the island of Zacatilla in La Unión municipality. This first-of-its-kind plant in Central America harnesses the power of its battery backup system to deliver uninterrupted carbon-free electricity around the clock.

AES El Salvador’s Executive President, Abraham Bichara, emphasized that the implementation of this photovoltaic park would liberate the island communities from their dependence on the vulnerable underwater power grid, susceptible to harsh oceanic conditions and large vessel navigation. “This modern solar energy generation system, coupled with battery storage technology, represents our new path towards the energy future,” he declared.

Moreover, Bichara highlighted the plant’s significant environmental contributions, preventing the release of 976 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere annually.

Bernerd Da Santos, the Global President of Renewable Energy at AES Corporation, underlined the positive impact of this innovative approach, stating that the company’s efforts were geared towards expanding and decarbonizing El Salvador’s energy matrix. He emphasized the ability to deploy sustainable energy solutions wherever needed, regardless of geographic location, thanks to advanced technologies.

The Meanguera del Golfo plant represents the 34th solar project undertaken by AES in El Salvador, catering to commercial and industrial clients, both on land and rooftops. Additionally, the company is currently engaged in constructing a solar energy generation project for Holcim Cement, using technology that is three times faster and occupies 50% less space compared to conventional methods.

With a strong focus on boosting renewable energy capacity, reducing carbon emissions, and providing customers with reliable and sustainable energy solutions, AES continues to lead the way in the nation’s transition to a greener energy future.

As global energy demand grows and environmental concerns escalate, projects like the AES Meanguera del Golfo solar plant demonstrate the immense potential of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, backed by advanced battery storage solutions. AES El Salvador’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies paves the way for a cleaner, more resilient energy landscape, serving as an inspiring model for the region and beyond. The future of sustainable energy looks brighter with each step taken towards progress and innovation.

As the AES Meanguera del Golfo solar plant stands tall, radiating hope and a greener future, El Salvador takes a remarkable leap towards a more sustainable and resilient energy landscape. With AES El Salvador’s dedication to clean energy solutions, the sun shines on a promising path for the nation’s energy future.