San Salvador 2023 Demonstrates the Development of Sports in the Country.

The ongoing Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador have become a testament to the progress of sports development in El Salvador, according to Armando Bruni, President of the Salvadoran Olympic Committee. Bruni highlighted the achievements of Salvadoran athletes and emphasized how the hosting of the Games confirms the positive evolution of sports in the country.

Under the leadership of Armando Bruni, the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador 2023 are showcasing the results of years of hard work in sports evolution and development. Bruni commended the performance of national athletes and highlighted the coordinated efforts between government institutions, the Olympic Committee, and sports federations to ensure the seamless functioning of the San Salvador 2023 Games, with notable participation from Salvadoran athletes.

“It is crucial for El Salvador to accumulate medals. In the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla, the country only secured two gold medals. We have already surpassed that tally in this edition,” Bruni commented.

“In the Central American and Caribbean Games, we have over 30 sports, each with different disciplines. In this edition, we have surpassed the previous results,” Bruni stated, emphasizing that there are high expectations for medal achievements in disciplines such as beach soccer.

Furthermore, Bruni pointed out that over the course of four years, a project focused on sports evolution and improving conditions for athletes has been implemented. These efforts are now bearing fruit in the San Salvador 2023 Games.

“We have initiated a sports development project. After four years of investment, we can see the results in these games. We are a complement to all the efforts made, including team training and friendly matches, among others. We wouldn’t be able to host these games without the support of the government. It is a collaboration between the government, the committee, and the private sector,” Bruni added.

As the Central American and Caribbean Games continue to unfold in San Salvador, the achievements and progress made by Salvadoran athletes are a testament to the dedication and investment put into sports development in El Salvador. The Games not only serve as a platform for showcasing athletic prowess but also as an inspiration for future generations to embrace sports and strive for excellence.