Top-notch Facilities: A Look Inside the Bowling Center at Villa Centroamericana, San Salvador.

The bowling facilities at Villa Centroamericana have garnered high praise from Jorge Otálora, the coach of the Colombian bowling team, who considers them to be of top-notch quality.

“The venue is top-notch,” commented Jorge Otálora about the facilities at Villa Centroamericana, where the Central American and Caribbean Games are currently taking place.

In an interview with this media outlet, Otálora expressed his satisfaction with the experience they have had during this edition of the Games. He mentioned that they have encountered brand-new bowling lanes and received comprehensive attention from the organizing committee.

“The venue is first-rate, and the lanes are brand new. We have been performing very well. The transportation, food, and accommodation have all been excellent. These have been great games with outstanding organization, and the host country has done an excellent job,” stated Otálora during the men’s doubles event held on Friday.

Similarly, Mauricio Galdámez, the Director of Competitions at the Salvadoran Bowling Federation, explained that the current facilities are the result of a three-month renovation project.

“The renovation has turned out beautifully, and the lanes are state-of-the-art. It has been three months of hard work, as the building was already there. We arrived just in time, and the games are proceeding smoothly without any setbacks,” Galdámez indicated.

He further noted that the remodeling was extensive, involving the roof, false ceilings, lighting fixtures, air conditioning, and the lane equipment.

Moreover, Galdámez believes that the venue’s renovation will generate increased interest in the sport and extended an invitation to the Salvadoran community to visit the newly renovated Villa CARI during an open house event on July 6th.

“After the games’ competitions conclude, on July 6th, we will have an open house event for people to enjoy the facilities free of charge. Afterwards, there will be lane rentals available for recreational purposes as well as high-performance training,” he announced.

With the impressive renovations and the commitment to providing top-notch facilities, Villa Centroamericana is poised to become a hub for bowling enthusiasts. As the Central American and Caribbean Games continue, participants and spectators alike can revel in the exceptional bowling experience provided by these first-class facilities.