Salvadorans Can Access Jobs on “Tu Chance” Platform.

Tu Chance, a digital platform by FGK in partnership with the Carlos Slim Foundation, Insaforp, companies, and universities, is providing Salvadorans with access to various job opportunities.

Juana Jule, the Executive Director of the Gloria Kriete Foundation (FGK), stated that more than 25 companies are offering different employment opportunities to Salvadorans through the Tu Chance platform, and it is expected that 40 new companies will join the initiative.

“On the platform, distance learning and vocational training will be incorporated with 400 courses and language Learn Match. Over 25 companies are part of the initiative where users can upload their resumes and apply for job opportunities,” detailed Jule.

She further indicated that out of an estimated 800,000 people who have been trained on the platforms within Tu Chance, more than 200,000 have received certification on this site. The certificates for course participants who complete their training are awarded by the Salvadoran Institute of Professional Formation (Insaforp).

As part of the strategy to strengthen the initiative, the spokesperson for FGK stated that they plan to add another 40 companies. “We are in talks with 40 other companies that have to go through a process where we ensure reaching an agreement on responsibilities. The idea is to have all companies in El Salvador join,” she noted.

Furthermore, she mentioned that on the platform, Salvadorans can find courses ranging from software development and language learning to cooking, accounting, electricity, finance, as well as scholarships, training, and education.

The platform also features two categories: Healthy Living and Entrepreneurship. In the Entrepreneurship category, participants can apply and seek funding through the “Ayudando a quienes Ayudan” (Helping Those Who Help) program under the social entrepreneurship category.

Roberto Kriete, President of FGK, pointed out that the digital zone aims to train Salvadorans to obtain better jobs and improve their quality of life. He also emphasized that certification brings a level of formality to the training courses.

“We have an agreement with Insaforp because for digital education to work, it must have good content, be accessible, and have a level of certification. We are a vehicle through which Salvadorans can access the educational platform of the Carlos Slim Foundation,” he affirmed.

In conclusion, the Tu Chance platform is providing Salvadorans with valuable opportunities to access employment, training, and certification, ultimately aiming to enhance their skills, employability, and overall quality of life. With the collaboration of numerous companies and organizations, Tu Chance is contributing to the advancement of education and job prospects for individuals in El Salvador.