Fintech Ecosystem in El Salvador: 80% of Companies Experience Growth and Expansion.

El Salvador has emerged as a favorable environment for financial technology (fintech) companies, with 80% of local fintech firms experiencing growth and expansion, according to a study conducted by Torres Legal, a legal company with expertise in new technologies. The research highlights the role of the government in driving the growth of the fintech ecosystem.

The study conducted by Torres Legal, which specializes in areas such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, and fintech, concludes that El Salvador provides a conducive environment for financial enterprises.

The research highlights that the Superintendence of the Financial System (SSF) has identified 25 fintech companies currently operating in the country. Out of these, 80% are in a phase of growth and expansion, 12% are in the developmental stage, and 8% are ready for launch.

Additionally, data from the Fintech Association of El Salvador (Asafintech) reveals that out of its 27 member companies, 25% offer services related to buying and selling bitcoin.

“While still in its early stages, the fintech ecosystem in El Salvador shows significant potential for growth and development in the coming years. The government and industry stakeholders are working to create a favorable environment for innovation and investment in financial technology, which will contribute to the sector’s growth,” notes the research.

The study, titled “Fintech Business Guide in El Salvador,” serves as a practical tool for entrepreneurs and provides insights into key legal, regulatory, and financial aspects that should be considered when investing in the country’s fintech sector.

Torres Legal points out that although El Salvador does not have specialized fintech legislation, laws, regulations, and norms have been incorporated to regulate a significant portion of the technological segment. These include the Bitcoin Law, Digital Asset Emission Law, Innovation and Technological Manufacturing Promotion Law (approved a few weeks ago), and the Financial Inclusion Facilitation Law, among others.

Technology Ecosystem in the Country

According to the research, 80% of fintech startups in El Salvador specialize in financial inclusion.

Out of the 25 fintech companies identified by the SSF, 60% focus on payment solutions, 20% are technology companies serving financial institutions, 8% are alternative financing platforms, and the rest are involved in personal and business finance management.

Many of these companies have established their presence in the country under the new laws passed during the current government administration. The study addresses the requirements for initiating investments in the territory, such as company formation and the implementation of anti-money laundering programs.

The document also delves into emerging trends in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the role of neobanks in the digital transformation of financial services, and financial inclusion initiatives in the country.

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