Forbes Highlights the Importance of Cruises for El Salvador in 5 Key Points.

El Salvador has emerged as a safe and enticing destination for international tourists, attracting cruise ships with thousands of visitors, with 90% of them stopping to explore the country’s tourist destinations, according to Forbes.

Forbes magazine has outlined the five key points that emphasize the significance of cruises for El Salvador, as the country has established itself as a secure and appealing option for foreign tourists, thanks to the recent advancements in safety measures.

One of the main highlights, as detailed by the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA), is the arrival of 10 cruises in El Salvador by 2023.

The international magazine also emphasizes the closure of the previous year with the arrival of the Norwegian Jewel on December 17th at the Port of Acajutla, which brought over 2,000 tourists to the country.

These foreign visitors often disembark from the cruises to explore the country’s interior, as 90% of them visit tourist destinations in El Salvador during their stay, according to CEPA.

“The arrival of these types of vessels is proof that El Salvador is positioning itself as a safe destination,” quotes Forbes from the Ministry of Tourism.

Furthermore, Forbes cites the global president of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), stating that this alternative form of tourism is estimated to attract between 27 and 33 million people worldwide.

The cruise season in El Salvador commenced on October 8th, 2022, with the docking of the Scenic Cruise Lines, and will conclude in May of the current year.