Salvadoran workforce continues to thrive in US companies through Labor Mobility Program.

El Salvador’s Labor Mobility Program, supported by USAID El Salvador, continues to help Salvadoran workers secure positions in US-based companies. Recently, over 200 workers were trained in fish processing prior to their departure for Alaska, where they will be working for the next six months at Silverbay Seafoods.

This program has already benefited more than 4,500 Salvadorans, and the numbers continue to grow. The goal of the Labor Mobility Program is to provide workers with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in their new positions, as well as to provide a boost to El Salvador’s economy through increased employment opportunities.

Interested applicants can register and apply for the Labor Mobility Program through They can also reach out to the program coordinators directly via phone at +503 7070-1243 or email at

The Labor Mobility Program has proven to be a successful initiative in strengthening the ties between El Salvador and the US, while also providing significant benefits to Salvadoran workers and their families. By continuing to support and invest in this program, both countries stand to gain greatly.