Nayib Bukele’s Popularity Soars in Latin America.

Since Nayib Bukele assumed office in June 2019, he has maintained high levels of popularity among Salvadorans. According to various surveys, Bukele has an approval rating that hovers around 90%, making him one of the most popular presidents in Latin America.

In the latest survey by Dataworld, President Nayib Bukele ranks first among Latin American leaders, with a 91% approval rating.

Several reasons explain his high approval rate, including:

Ensuring the safety of the population: Through the successful execution of the Control Territorial Plan, Bukele has managed to bring a significant number of gang members to justice, who had kept the Salvadoran people in fear and suffering.

Fighting corruption: Bukele has embarked on a campaign against corruption and has implemented measures to reduce it, which has been well received by the population that has seen an improvement in government transparency.

Social and economic policies: Since taking office, Bukele has implemented social policies such as the School Feeding Program and promoted the construction of homes for low-income people. Additionally, he has pushed for economic measures to attract investment and generate employment in the country.

Use of social media: Bukele has been adept at using social media, particularly Twitter, to communicate with the population and publicize his policies and actions. This has allowed for greater closeness with citizens and generated a sense of transparency and accountability.

Position on controversial issues: Bukele has taken firm stances on issues such as combating drug trafficking and defending democracy, which has generated a sense of security and stability in the population.

President Bukele’s popularity is a result of his commitment to improving the lives of Salvadorans through a variety of initiatives. He has shown a willingness to take bold action to address issues that have plagued the country for years. The Salvadoran people have responded positively to his leadership, and his high approval ratings indicate that they believe he is on the right track.