Salvadoran Coffee Shines at International Festival in China’s Megacity of Chongqing.

The southwestern Chinese municipality of Chongqing held an international coffee festival from April 26th to 28th that brought together more than 120 domestic companies, 20 international brands, and a significant number of Latin American and Caribbean countries.

This edition of the Chongqing International Coffee Festival featured a strong presence from El Salvador, through a series of promotional events showcasing their coffee and culture, including live broadcasts and talks about Salvadoran music.

During a commercial round focused exclusively on Latin American coffee, the Ambassador of El Salvador in China, Aldo Álvarez, highlighted the extraordinary quality of his country’s coffee and expressed confidence in the future of Salvadoran coffee in China, a country that celebrates the first five years of diplomatic relations this year.

Xin Libo, President of the Chongqing Coffee Industry Federation, pointed out that over 3,000 companies dedicated to coffee trade operate in the megacity alone, offering excellent business opportunities for Latin American coffee.

Zhou Yi, Deputy Director General of the Municipal Office of Foreign Affairs, emphasized that the development of the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor already connects Chongqing with 19 Latin American ports, facilitating the entry of coffee produced by the region into the growing Chinese consumer market.

Currently, China represents 3% of El Salvador’s coffee exports, and 13 Salvadoran coffee companies are already registered with Chinese customs authorities, according to Pedro Hayem, Economic and Commercial Counselor at the Embassy of El Salvador in China, who also considers the prospects for his country’s coffee in the Chinese market promising.

El Salvador has long been recognized for its high-quality coffee, and this event in Chongqing provides a platform for the country to showcase its products to a wider audience. As the Chinese market for specialty coffee continues to grow, El Salvador is poised to benefit from this trend and strengthen its position as a key player in the global coffee industry.