El Salvador’s Vice President receives courtesy visit from President of Russian Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee.

The Vice President of El Salvador, Félix Ulloa, recently received a courtesy visit from the President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia, Leonid Slutsky. During the meeting, the Vice President discussed the positive transformation of El Salvador and highlighted the success of the Territorial Control Plan, which has restored peace and security to the Salvadoran population.

In addition, he discussed Central American Integration issues and mentioned that El Salvador will assume the Pro Tempore Presidency of SICA in June 2023. During this period, various dialogue spaces will be established to contribute to regional strengthening.

The Salvadoran Vice President took the opportunity to talk about President Nayib Bukele’s vision to revitalize the economy, including establishing partnerships with other countries. He also talked about the need for the two oceans that bathe Central America to be connected, facilitating the transportation of goods, strengthening regional exports, and allowing accessibility to the European continent.

During the meeting, the Vice President also highlighted President Nayib Bukele’s vision to be a country that is an ally and friend to all other countries in the world. He also emphasized El Salvador’s commitment to world peace and active neutrality in international conflicts.

The President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia thanked the Vice President for his reception and expressed that before meeting with the Salvadoran Vice President, he had visited the President of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador, Ernesto Castro.

Mr. Slutsky also took the opportunity to invite the Vice President Ulloa to participate in the Russia-Latin America International Parliamentary Conference. The large-scale parliamentary event will be held from September 29 to October 2, 2023, and is designed to strengthen interaction, cooperation, economic and humanitarian ties between Russia and the countries of the Latin American region.

The Vice President of El Salvador presented the Duma representative with various gifts about the history of El Salvador, including a figurine of Francisco Morazán and a book authored by him titled “An Exemplary Life,” dedicated to the legacy of his father, the Martyr Rector, Ing. Félix Ulloa.

The meeting was also attended by the General Director of the Vice Presidency Cabinet, Mr. Mario Otero, the Chief of the Office of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in ESA, Mr. Aleksandr Ilyukhin, the Counselor, Ms. Larisa Plachinda, and the Assistant, Ms. Marta Lekhtinen.