El Salvador Connect 2023 to bring together Bitcoiners from around the world.

El Salvador will host an international event called “El Salvador Connect 2023” from May 29 to June 2, which will bring together cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world and showcase the advances of the digital assets ecosystem in the country.

The initiative aims to teach entrepreneurs and developers what they need to create Bitcoin projects in El Salvador. “The proposal will bring together a group of people, including journalists, influencers, investors, and others interested in opening businesses in the country […] Developers interested in entering El Salvador with their projects will be given guidance on government regulations,” the organizers said in a statement.

Activities and visits include a five-day immersion in the country; high-level conferences, networking, and connections; interaction with Salvadoran legislators and government officials; a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador (Camarasal); a guided tour of El Zonte beach; and meetings with lawyers specializing in opening companies under the Bitcoin Law.

El Salvador Connect will take place following the approval of two new regulations that favor the development of software related to blockchain. The Digital Assets Law allows the issuance of financing instruments for governments and companies based on the Bitcoin market. On the other hand, the Law for the Promotion of Innovation and Technological Manufacturing grants a 15-year tax exemption for the creation of software and hardware.

Interested participants can register on the “Bitcoin Block” website, where they can view available packages and photos and videos from the previous 2022 edition.

At Adopting Bitcoin 2022, another significant Bitcoin event held the previous year, thousands of foreigners had the opportunity to access a panel composed of various crypto experts who discussed topics such as the execution of identity protocols, custodians, and transaction speed on the blockchain.

El Salvador is rapidly becoming a hub for the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, thanks to the government’s pro-crypto stance and efforts to make it easier for entrepreneurs and investors to enter the market. El Salvador Connect 2023 is an excellent opportunity for those interested in the crypto space to learn, connect and do business in this emerging market.