El Salvador announces 100% hospital connectivity with Starlink devices.

The Minister of Health, Francisco Alabi, announced that hospitals in El Salvador now have better connectivity, and that the network is 100% operational in all healthcare centers in the country, thanks to Starlink’s internet.

“We have 100% hospital connectivity, and now we have much faster connectivity through Starlink devices. All these different antennas will be distributed throughout hospitals and health units,” the official explained during an interview with Noticiero El Salvador.

The Health Minister also detailed that costs are being reduced in the health system thanks to Starlink’s internet:

“With Starlink’s internet, we are reducing the costs of this service in the health system, which will benefit Salvadorans’ attention,” the minister said.

Alabi added, “We are providing the Starlink internet to the health network to be able to provide speed and stability in data downloading for the Integrated Health System (SIS).”

He also highlighted that the healthcare system was neglected for years in terms of technology, and President Bukele has provided our country, and each of the portfolios, with the necessary tools.

The implementation of Starlink’s internet in El Salvador’s healthcare system is a significant step towards improving the quality of healthcare in the country. The faster connectivity and reduced costs will undoubtedly benefit Salvadorans’ health, especially in remote and rural areas.