CABEI invests over $4 billion in projects in El Salvador

The Banco Centroamericano de Integración Económica (CABEI) has invested more than $4 billion in El Salvador for various projects over the past three years. According to Luis Rodríguez, the director country of the CABEI, the bank has about 36 ongoing projects in collaboration with the private, public, and non-sovereign public sector, covering nearly 90% of the multilateral investments in the country.

“We are the largest creditor in the region, covering more than 50% of the total multilateral investments. We are the main partner for El Salvador in providing credit and disbursement support for infrastructure and social projects,” said Rodríguez.

He further explained that the CABEI has a comprehensive approach to education, focusing on childhood development to high school, and they have integrated with the Roque Dalton Scholarship system with a $625,000 cooperation.

Additionally, the bank has contributed $200 million to the Mi Nueva Escuela project, aimed at construction and reconstruction, and another $200 million to address the digital divide in the country.

The CABEI is the primary multilateral source of funding for El Salvador, and their investment and contributions have significantly impacted the country’s development. The bank’s commitment to social and infrastructure projects is a clear indication of its support towards the country’s long-term growth and progress.