El Salvador becomes the first country in the region with Starlink internet.

El Salvador has become the first country in Central America to have access to SpaceX’s high-speed satellite internet service, Starlink. The multinational company made the announcement on its website, and the news was confirmed by Elon Musk himself, who tweeted “Starlink is available in El Salvador” yesterday.

The Salvadoran Ambassador to the United States, Milena Mayorga, who led meetings with Starlink representatives from June 15, 2022, to reduce the digital divide and create opportunities for the people of her country, also highlighted on her social media that “El Salvador is the first country in the region to have Starlink.”

According to the official website, Starlink is at its maximum capacity in Salvadoran territory and ready to expand its service in 2023. The company has established a monthly cost of $49 for the service in the country, while the cost of the device is $499 with a shipping cost of $25.

Starlink promises to offer internet access in El Salvador at speeds of up to 100 Mbps, according to an article by TS2 SPACE, a US-based internet service provider. This is a significant improvement compared to the current average internet speed of around 15 Mbps in the country. This faster speed means that Salvadoran users can stream videos, browse the web, and download files much faster than before.

The improved internet access is expected to have a positive impact on the economy. A reliable internet infrastructure opens up new opportunities for businesses, education, and job creation. According to Bloomberg, Starlink’s high-speed internet service is helping to foster economic growth in El Salvador.

In addition, Starlink is expected to become a reliable internet provider for all corners of the country, with a particular emphasis on the benefits for education and remote work.

Starlink’s low-earth-orbit satellite system is expected to conquer the internet market in the region, as 32 countries already have authorized deployment and others are in the observation and adjustment phase, according to the specialized website Bloomberg.

El Salvador’s access to Starlink is an exciting development that will undoubtedly bring new opportunities and benefits to the country. It will be interesting to see how this high-speed internet service will impact Salvadoran society and the economy in the years to come.