Construction of Los Chorros Megaproject to Begin Next Month.

The construction of the Los Chorros Megaproject will begin next month, according to a statement by the Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez. The project, which has already been awarded to Korean company Dongbu Corporation for $372 million, is set to involve over 5,000 workers deployed in day and night shifts. Two Korean companies and a Spanish company are overseeing the project, with 70% of the rights of way already secured.

The financing for the project is being provided by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) and the Bank of Korea for a total of $410 million. The financing comes with a margin of additional flexibility for the construction company, and the interest rate of 0.15% will remain fixed over time.

The supervision of the project will involve two Korean companies and a Spanish company, with the selection of the latter still under evaluation and expected to be announced in the coming days. In an interview, Rodríguez explained that “this is a gigantic project with a series of enormous works. It will practically double the Los Chorros highway, and more than 5,000 workers will be developing this project every day.”

According to feasibility studies, the project will help alleviate traffic problems for at least 50 years. Rodríguez explained that they decided to expand the highway to eight lanes instead of six, as initially considered, to ensure better traffic flow over time and improve service levels.

The company will begin the transfer of machinery at the end of this month, followed by topography and preliminary work. The massive construction work will begin in the middle of the year, with operations running 24 hours a day.

This megaproject will bring significant economic benefits to the region and provide a boost to the construction sector, creating new job opportunities and improving infrastructure. The public eagerly awaits the project’s completion and the positive impact it will have on the region’s transportation system.