El Salvador registers a 54% Increase in Tourism During Holy Week, According to CEPA.

El Salvador has seen a significant increase in tourism during Holy Week, with a 54% rise in comparison to the same period in 2022, according to Federico Anliker, president of the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA). Anliker attributes this rise to the country’s safe environment.

“During Holy Week, two ultra-luxury cruises arrived in El Salvador, and we satisfactorily met their high requirements. We hope that the navies to which these cruises belong will continue to arrive in the country,” explained the CEPA president.

Official data show that 95% of the passengers from the two cruises who arrived in the country during Holy Week did so to take various tours and explore El Salvador.

Anliker also reiterated the invitation to the media to attend the presentation of the progress of the construction of the new passenger terminal at the Ilopango Airport, which caters to private jet businessmen and investors.

“At present, the progress is 40%. We are giving Ilopango a more executive focus since the region’s air transport prefers the Monseñor Romero Airport. Countries such as Guatemala envy the fact that El Salvador has an airport close to the capital. In Ilopango, we also want to facilitate the mobility of tourists who arrive in the country by private plane,” added the CEPA president.

The tourism industry is crucial to the economic growth of El Salvador, and the country is making significant strides towards promoting its attractions to the world. With the recent increase in tourism, it is clear that El Salvador has become a popular destination for many, and the government is committed to improving the infrastructure necessary to support this growth.