Strategic Agro-Markets generate over $947,000 in revenue for producers in El Salvador

In 2023, Salvadorans have had access to fresh, quality, and affordable produce thanks to the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG).

The Strategic Agro-Markets, an initiative promoted by the MAG that brings fresh, quality, and affordable food to Salvadoran families, has energized the economy of national producers.

According to MAG’s vice minister, Óscar Domínguez, from late February to April 9, 2023, this project generated more than $947,813 in revenue.

The official stated that the numbers from these first months offer a good perspective for the end of the year.

“All small and medium-sized producers make direct sales, so the profit margin for them is wide,” he assured.

In addition, Domínguez indicated that at the beginning, only 16 Strategic Agro-Markets were enabled, but with the growing demand, there are now more than 50 sales points, mostly small and medium-sized producers in different parts of the country, specifically in San Salvador, La Libertad, Sonsonate, Chalatenango, Ahuachapán, Santa Ana San Miguel, and La Paz.

“Each Agro-Market space is an opportunity to support our producers who bring high-quality, fresh, and delicious products from the field to our homes, and we also promote development and improve the income of farming families.”

Benefit to family economy

The Agro-Markets have been widely accepted by the population since their implementation, as they offer low prices on food products, which represents a significant relief to the family economy.

Salvadorans can find, for example, a carton of medium eggs for $3.95 in these spaces, when in other establishments, it sells for $5 or more.

The vice minister mentioned that these spaces are part of a strategic plan to mitigate the impact of the international inflationary crisis in the country.

For the President of the Consumer Advocate (DC), Ricardo Salazar, this initiative has contributed to maintaining a low inflation rate in food and has influenced the reduction of “speculative aspects” that may occur in the markets.

“More than 50 Agro-Markets are in different parts of the country, carrying out the distribution of products such as eggs and beans, at prices well below those offered by supermarkets,” he added.

“It is important to emphasize that each Agro-Market point is designed to meet the demand, specifically for eggs, at fair prices for the population. We also offer other basic basket products,” he concluded.