El Salvador and Iberia to sign agreement to attract more European tourists.

El Salvador and Iberia will sign an agreement today aimed at facilitating the arrival of European tourists to the country, as well as improving the airline’s services for its users.

“With El Salvador we had the pending agreement, because for us El Salvador is strategic. Iberia is a Spanish flag airline, but Latin America runs through our veins,” said Roberto Daura, Iberia’s commercial delegate for Central America and Venezuela.

According to the spokesperson, the agreement involves, among other aspects, improvements in services, promotion of destinations and the attraction of more tourists. In this regard, he indicated that they are looking to attract visitors from more than 100 European destinations where the airline operates.

“This agreement that we ratify is a step forward to place El Salvador in Europe and not only in Spain. We have 100 destinations in Europe,” he explained.

Currently, Iberia offers a daily flight between the San Salvador-Madrid destinations that has been maintained since 2018, but the airline has been operating in the country continuously since 2010.

For her part, the Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez, said that the idea is to further strengthen relationships with airlines and that “Iberia is a strategic partner.”

“These types of agreements and alliances seek to facilitate the arrival of tourists. El Salvador is trendy and an emerging destination,” added the official.

In addition, she said that airlines such as Iberia and others seek to consolidate their operations in the country, due to the international positioning that the government has achieved in terms of tourism, security, and investments.

“Airlines like Iberia and others are putting their eye on El Salvador because we know that we are a hub that can give them the opportunity to connect not only with the country but with the Central American region,” she explained.

The agreement is expected to contribute to the economic growth of the country by promoting tourism and generating greater employment opportunities in the sector.