International media highlight the advances in public security in El Salvador with the Bukele model.

“El Salvador recovers peace”, is the headline on today’s front page of the Honduran newspaper La Prensa, which highlights the advances in public security thanks to the work of the president of the republic, Nayib Bukele.

The journalistic note recognizes the reduction in homicides and the recovery of public spaces that were previously controlled by gangs.

Also noteworthy is the recovery of homes that were previously usurped by gangs and the elimination of extortion from merchants.

Over the weekend, the Peruvian newspaper El Expreso also published journalistic material related to the improvements in security in El Salvador and the position of President Nayib Bukele, which states that the human rights of the honest population are more important than those of the criminals.

Previously, the Colombian newspaper Semana published the note entitled “El Milagro Bukele” in which it indicated that the ruler “rescued” El Salvador from the clutches of crime.

On March 19, the Spanish newspaper El País published an article entitled: “Bukele replaces Uribe as inspiration for the right in Colombia”, in which it points out how the figure of Nayib Bukele is growing internationally and contrasts with that of Gustavo Petro, the leftist president of Colombia.

These publications deny others that have been issued by national and international media opposed to the government of President Bukele and try to delegitimize the advances in public security.