Police security boosts nighttime trade nationwide.

The activities framed within the exception regime and the Territorial Control Plan have allowed both merchants and consumers to approach, at night, the main markets and squares of the most populous municipalities in the country.

During the night of Monday, the merchants of the centers of San Salvador and San Miguel offered their products in a safe way thanks to the patrols carried out by the National Civil Police (PNC) in both areas.

“We guarantee a safe environment daily for vendors and the general population, in the night market in downtown San Salvador. Whereas before, extortion, robbery, and theft predominated, today it is totally different in front of the Los Ilustres cemetery,” the police corporation published on its Twitter account.

The same benefits were acquired by the merchants and buyers who came to the San Miguel market.

“Night trade in the city of San Miguel is possible thanks to the security plans implemented. The vendors offer their products without the harassment of the gangs, and the population feels safe to make their purchases, “detailed the Police.

Police officers also traveled to Ciudad Credisa, in Soyapango, to ensure that residents can enjoy the recreational areas in a safe way, free of maras and gangs.

«The inhabitants of Ciudad Credisa, Soyapango, enjoy a soccer game in an environment free of violence. Today, thanks to the police presence, this municipality is a safe space for Salvadorans,” said the police corporation.

While on the streets and highways, in addition to speeding up vehicular traffic, agents check public transport units to prevent robberies and thefts.

“On the boulevard of the Army, Soyapango, we coordinate actions for traffic flow. At the end of the working day on Monday, we make sure that the users of public transport in Ahuachapán have a good return; we rule out robberies and thefts in the units, in addition to verifying that the documents are in order, “said the police.