El Salvador seeks to strengthen the trade agreement with the European Union.

According to María Luisa Hayem, the country’s exports to the European market have increased by 67% between 2019 and 2022.

The Minister of Economy, María Luisa Hayem, stated that she held a meeting with representatives from the European Union (EU) to share the country’s progress in the past three years in terms of business climate and trade facilitation.

“In the meeting with the Director-General of International Partnerships of the EU, Koen Doens, along with Vice-Chancellor Adriana Mira, we shared El Salvador’s progress in the areas of business climate, trade facilitation, regional integration, and human talent formation,” said the official.

Leopoldo Rubinacci, the Deputy Director of the EU’s International Trade Department, also participated in the meeting.

The Minister of Economy added that the meeting was also an opportunity to strengthen the commercial agreement with the EU and gather the necessary inputs to ensure Salvadoran products comply with European community standards.

“Likewise, we agreed to continue working together so that Salvadoran products exported to the European Union meet sustainability requirements, take greater advantage of the Association Agreement, and facilitate intraregional trade,” she said.

Hayem pointed out that in the last four years, El Salvador has made significant progress in implementing the Association Agreement with the EU. In this regard, she highlighted the protection of intellectual property for 11 traditional products, a 67% increase in exports between 2019 and 2022, and preferential access to the Croatian market.

For her part, Vice-Chancellor Adriana Mira stated that Salvadoran diplomacy is working on the European continent to strengthen commercial alliances.

“In Europe, our embassies and economic advisers from the Foreign Ministry are working to deepen the commercial relationship with the European Union and take advantage of the trade agreement that we have with that region,” she stressed.