Investors from Saudi Arabia are interested in financing a biogas plant.

The project, executed by the Lempa River Hydroelectric Executive Commission (CEL), aims to generate electricity using biogas and contribute to a sustainable economy in the country. The plant will be located between the municipalities of Ciudad Delgado and Cuscatancingo and will be built on land where a sewage collector will be located.

The design of the biogas plant is complete, and the Environmental Impact Study is in its final stage. CEL expects to launch the tender for construction in mid-2023. The project is considered of national interest by the government of El Salvador, which plans to cover 100% of the national demand with renewables.

The biogas plant project is unique in the world as it will have an installed capacity of 5.43 megawatts (MW) using three different technologies: biogas (1.7 MW), photovoltaic (3.19 MW), and hydroelectric (0.54 MW). The project’s multidisciplinary team has highlighted the social, environmental, and economic benefits of the project during a technical meeting and a field visit with delegates from the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD).

The commissioning of the biogas plant will help solve a historical pollution problem by cleaning up 70% of the wastewater that is currently discharged into the Acelhuate river basin. The financing from Saudi Arabia will allow for the development of clean energy sources, generate jobs, and contribute to a sustainable economy in El Salvador.