El Salvador Records Exports of $1,105.5 Million Until February.

El Banco Central de Reserva (BCR) has reported that El Salvador registered a total of $1,105.5 million in exports for the first two months of 2023. The country’s international sales in February alone amounted to $582.92 million, according to the BCR.

The manufacturing industry was the most dynamic export sector during this period, with cumulative sales of $1,061.04 million between January and February 2023, according to the BCR’s database. Agricultural activities also had outstanding performance with sales of $37.84 million, followed by electricity supply with $6.30 million.

In terms of the main products exported during the past two months, T-shirts had the highest sales at $122.62 million, followed by sugarcane with $82.27 million, sweaters with $78.40 million, plastic products with $48.43 million, and toilet paper with $40.20 million, the BCR reported.

The United States and Central America continue to be El Salvador’s main trading partners, with flows of $404.33 million and $484.68 million, respectively. El Salvador sold $185.34 million to Guatemala, $165.39 million to Honduras, $78.75 million to Nicaragua, and $54.20 million to Costa Rica.

Regarding imports, the BCR reported that the country accumulated international purchases of $2,526.62 million in the first two months of this year, with the main products imported being petroleum oils, petroleum gas, medicines, cell phones, and automobiles.