Agrisal invests $50 million in Plaza Mundo Usulután.

Usulután will be the cradle of the third Plaza Mundo to be built nationwide and will become the epicenter of development and innovation in the eastern zone, announced representatives of Grupo Agrisal.

The new “Entertainment and Shopping Ecocentre” involves an investment of $50 million and will create, just during its construction phase, some 950 direct and indirect jobs per month, as well as an estimated 1,000 new permanent jobs when it starts operations at the end of the first quarter of 2024.

Its strategic location, at the intersection of the Usulután bypass, Calle el Litoral, and Ruta Nacional 14, will allow families from Usulután, San Miguel, Morazán, and La Unión to visit it and find a wide range of services, shopping, and entertainment. The firm anticipates that the mall will receive an estimated one million visitors per year.

In addition, Plaza Mundo Usulután will have a construction area of 60,000 square meters, 180 stores, 30 kiosks, and 800 parking spaces, and within its facilities there will be an amphitheater with a capacity for 700 people and a vocation to develop concerts, cultural events, and fairs.

“We are pleased to announce that Agrisal is taking its Plaza Mundo brand to the east, specifically to Usulután, always with the purpose of promoting prosperous communities and generating well-being and sustainability. This is our third Plaza Mundo that accompanies Soyapango and Apopa”, affirmed the president of Agrisal, Eduardo Quiñónez.

Likewise, the company spokesperson added that the place was chosen because the studies showed that it is a thriving, economically and commercially active area. It was like this, since its announcement to date, more than 75% of pre-sale stores have already been placed.

He also said that 25% of the brands that are present in the commercial complex will originate from the eastern part of the country, and the rest will be national brands that accompany Agrisal’s efforts in its different developments.

Plaza Mundo Usulután has an eco-sustainable concept, highlighted Ricardo Augspurg Meza, director of the real estate unit, who stated that the roof of the building will be covered by 3,000 solar panels that will provide 30% of the energy it will consume.

In addition, he explained that the building will have a 25% green area, which will be irrigated by a rainwater harvesting system. Its design also allows for natural ventilation and light, he explained.

«For Agrisal, the Plaza Mundo brand has been synonymous with inclusive progress. Usulután is a sector that has always made the country very proud, but we realized that in the commercial, entertainment, and service areas it is not properly attended. That is how we identified with the rest of the team that Usulután should be the cradle of the next Plaza Mundo Mesa.

With the addition of its third Plaza Mundo, Agrisal will generate more than 5,000 direct jobs and bring more social development to different parts of the country through its Rafael Meza Ayau Foundation.